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Cincinnati Roofing Resource Library

Roofing Annex has a large database that we’ve sorted into the following listed sections of Cincinnati roofing resource blogs along with home restoration articles. From pointers on hiring the best local roofer to advice on dealing with filing an insurance claim there is an abundance of knowledge here.

As a manufacturer backed company that undergoes regular training, Roofing Annex’s team of professionals understands products, application, industry jargon, insurance, and consumer needs better than at least 98% of the roofing companies in the Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus region. Our collective knowledge is ready for your consumption whether you’re looking for siding replacement in Springboro, need help with a leaky roof in Mason, or are dealing with a shady roofer in Anderson Township.

Roofing Resource Center

From DIY and tips to finding a great contractor, this library covers a lot of ground!

What To Do If Your Roof Leaks?
Three things you can do to prevent a roof leak.

Signs Your Home Needs a Roof Inspection
Let us empower your observation skills before calling for a roof inspection.

Should You Insulate Your Roof?
Yes! Here are materials to use and how to choose the type you need. A+ Roofing Resource

The Life-cycle of Asphalt Roofs
A roof lives in an open and harsh environment that ages it.

5 Reasons for Premature Asphalt Shingle Failure
From product defects and poor ventilation to thermal shock and Mother Nature, we’ve got answers.

Spend Nothing to Replace Faulty Shingles
There are lines and brands that have failed and you may be able to have them replaced via insurance.

What Shingle Manufacturer Should Your Contractor Champion?
Explore some brand intel a shingle type information to set the record straight.

Three-Tab vs Architectural Shingles
The winner is clear for a host of reasons but let’s dig deep here. A+ Roofing Resource

After the Storm – Dealing with Insurance
These tips and our solid advice can help you navigate the often hard fought battle to get the dollars you need and deserve.

Roofing Warranty Questions & Answers
These roofing warranty questions and answers will give you some clarity into this fairly tricky subject.

Affordable Slate Roofing for Cincinnati
Whereas no slate roof will ever be inexpensive, there is a solution that will save you on product cost.

Roofing Contract Cancellation
If you find yourself in a relationship you don’t trust, please read this! A+ Roofing Resource

Ice & Water Shield Guide for Cincinnati Residents
Great information about a little known roofing system element that is required to be on your roof.

Hiring a Roofer

Hire a Roofing Company Focused on Quality
Avoid the most common complaints about roofers by finding a true professional.

10 Questions to Ask Cincinnati Roofing Contractors
Let the answers to these question aid you in hiring a roofer.

Navigating through Storm Damage Contractors in Cincinnati
“Storm chasers” are typically bad news but there are good guys out, real companies, that can help.

Professional Roofers vs Frauds
Follow these are pointers on how to spot a fraud and the qualifications separating pros from foes.

Seasonal Roofing Resource Tips & Advice

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips
Follow this simple 5 point checklist to keep your roof healthy.

Time to Winterize Your Roof
This is a very visual and simple 6 step guide to prep your roof for winter. A+ Roofing Resource

Other Home Matters

This list covers siding, gutters, windows, and other non-roofing points of interest.

How to Choose the Best Siding for Your Home
Compare home siding types and costs.

How to Prevent Window Condensation
Learn what condensation is, what causes it, and how to reduce it before it damages your window.

Matching Your Roof with Exterior Siding Colors
Be guided by the style of your home and follow our basic design rules.

Gutters & Downspouts: Important Roofing Accessories
The role gutters and downspouts play and why they need proper care.

Exterior Home Renovations That Retain the Most Value
Here are the most valuable home exterior renovations and cost considerations.

Keep Your Roof Healthy with a Chimney Inspection
It’s important to know the basic condition of your chimney and receive peace of mind.

DIY Storm Damage Inspection Checklist
Use this 10-point checklist to conduct a storm damage assessment of your property.

Siding Repair Questions & Answers
We get these 6 questions so often we thought we’d write a blog about it!

Seasonal Tips

Three Tips For Saving Money (and Energy) This Winter
There are ways to make staying warm a little less painful to your wallet.

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes
Follow these simple steps to prevent frozen pipes and damage to your home.

How To Avoid Ice Damming
We’ve prepared a great info graphic to explain ice damming and how to avoid it.

Spring Weather Home Maintenance Tips
Stay ahead of spring storms and do these 5 simple things when the cold season ends.