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Cincinnati Area Window Replacement
As a full service restoration and renovation company specializing in roofing, it’s easy for folks to assume that’s the extent of our offerings. We do in fact provide so much more than roofing work – such as being a leading Cincinnati area window replacement company. Roofing Annex® offers a wide range of Energy Star award winning wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows from Pella® and Tri-Built.

Cincinnati Area Window Replacement Energy Efficient

As a Pella® certified contractor we offer the best window solutions to the Southern Ohio region at affordable pricing. Our sales staff is knowledgeable, reliable, and ready to show you how new windows can add to your home’s curb appeal as well as energy savings.

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Whether you are simply updating old windows, changing the dynamics of your home, or doing a complete renovation, Roofing Annex of Cincinnati has the products that are right for you. Let our experts lend a hand in making your project a success in every way possible.

From roof relatable items like chimney chase covers, gutters, and sheet metal work to items like siding, doors, and windows, Roofing Annex is On Top Of It All™. Our representatives can address all services during the same visit.

What to Expect from Our Cincinnati Area Window Replacement Consultation

The sales representative will ask about your needs and wishes before inspecting windows needing replacement. The may perform tests and ask to look at other windows in the home if any are showing problems.

Our sales representative will show you the different design, material, and color options available and discuss pricing for each option. The representative may also discuss the different types of installation particulars and tell you what to expect from the installation process.

A typical window replacement consultation last approximately 45 to 75 minutes for homes and about 90 minutes for commercial buildings. Property owners are advised to digest the meeting and catalogues, as well as review pricing and other options outlined. Typically, follow-up phone call meeting(s) result in final decisions that become a detailed free quote.


How should I prepare for the window replacement consultation?
There is truly nothing required. However, to save time, it would be very helpful to the sales representative if you were prepared with some pictures of what you want your new windows to look like. It’s also a good idea to write down a list of questions that you want to ask the sales representative ahead of time.

Will the representative have a window to show me or do I need to visit a showroom?
The representative should have window samples and color stain samples, so that you can get a good idea of what the windows will look like in your home. Pella understands that only being able to view samples in a showroom does not allow customers to make the most informed decisions about their replacements and how they will look within their home, which is why an in-home consultation is beneficial.

How much will my new window replacement cost?
The prices fluctuate greatly, depending on the type of windows you want, and the type of installation you will get. Your sales representative will be able to give you an accurate estimate.

What are the payment methods?
You can pay with cash, check, credit card, or take advantage of special financing options available through Roofing Annex.

How long does the replacement process take?
Your installation date will probably be scheduled four to six weeks after your consultation. The exact date you get will depend on your location, the type of material you purchase, and number of openings in Roofing Annex’s schedule. Most jobs are completed in one day.

Cincinnati Area Window Replacement

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The Good Word

5 star window replacement
“After noticing a draft near a window I had Roofing Annex come take a look and they discovered that the window itself had failed and two others were looking bad as well. They showered me plenty of great options for replacement, worked well within my original budget for the 1 window for all 3, and installed my beautiful new windows in a snap”.
-Theo B., Loveland, Ohio

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Cincinnati Area Window Replacement Types Offered

Picture Windows

New Picture Windows Cincinnati

Commonly referred to as “fixed” windows, picture windows are the most secure and energy efficient option as they do not open. These windows allow an abundance of natural light into the home, and are available in almost any size and shape―allowing unlimited creativity in their design to accent your space.

Single-Hung Windows

New Single Hung Windows Cincinnati

One of the most effective and economic options, single-hung windows provide the simplicity of a picture window, but can be raised from the bottom for ventilation. With fewer moving parts than their counterpart―the double-hung window―the single hung is the definition of simplicity.


Double-Hung Windows


These windows are the epitome of functionality; they allow both sashes to be opened and closed independently of each other- offering a variety of ventilation options. Available in a many sizes and colors, double-hung windows are a beautiful choice for any home.

Casement Windows

New Casement Window Cincinnati

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward with the turn a handle. These windows provide excellent ventilation—at times literally reaching out and bringing the outside breeze into your home. Casement windows are most commonly found in hard to reach places such as over sinks, counter-tops, and appliances.


Sliding Windows

New Sliding Windows Cincinnati

These windows provide similar functionality to the double-hung window but they open horizontally from one side, providing easy access to fresh air, rather than stacking vertically. Sliding windows are a good option when there is limited access to operate the window, and provides similar custom options to double-hung windows.

Awning Windows

New Awning Window Cincinnati

Awning windows are hinged on top and open outward, while the glass protects the opening- enabling ventilation even during rainy weather. These windows are ideal accents above or below picture windows, making them a perfect choice for nearly any style of home.