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Sheet metal & Copper

Architectural sheet metal is carefully shaped and crafted into intricate works of art that is used in  construction throughout the Illinois and Ohio suburbs. There are many types of metals that can be transformed into sheet metal, some of which include: copper, steel, zinc, aluminum and brass. For architectural purposes it is used to make bay window dormers, gutters and downspouts, chimney caps, chimney counter flashing, roof vents, and roof flashings.

Copper sheet metal is predominantly used for its aesthetic appeal, and its significance as a lifetime metal. Overtime copper oxidizes to become a beautiful shade of green adding to the character and charm of your home.  The life span longevity of copper is another enticing feature and due to its resistance to corrosion, copper can last up to 100 years!

For homeowners who are detail oriented, window dormers can be customized to impart a unique look to your bay windows. Gutters and downspouts are not only functional, but can be an attractive feature to the overall look of your home. Chimneys can be decorated with custom chimney caps and counter flashing. Material used on roof vents and flashings can add consistency to the designer feel of your home.

These items all serve a functional purpose and are extremely important in directing water away from your home and preventing the seepage of water into your home. However, they do not have to detract from a home’s architectural beauty and custom sheet metal, whether copper or another material, will significantly contribute to the designer look of any property.

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