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Roofing Annex would like to call out one of its own and honor Ryan Sullivan as Cincinnati’s Best Roofing Production Manager. Without our key players, like Ryan, Roofing Annex wouldn’t be half the success that it is. Ryan, you deserve to be singled out and thanked publicly for all that you do because it’s more than most humans can handle.

So let’s just take a moment and list the finer points that make you a hero in the eyes of all that work with you and show the world why you deserve the title of Cincinnati’s Best Roofing Production Manager!

First, what the Position of a Production Manager Entails

It should be noted that the job of a production manager is more hectic than this list of responsibilities and Mr. Sullivan goes above and beyond.

  • Keeping track of all builds
  • Scheduling – Aligning homeowners, salesmen, and material drop dates
  • Material ordering
  • Sub-contractor service scheduling
  • Doubling as a project manager when needed
  • Overseeing other project managers
  • And so on…

Best Roofing Production Manager in Mason

The Best Roofing Production Manager in Cincinnati

Going Above and Beyond to Become Cincinnati’s Best Roofing Production Manager

When someone does the job expected of them they get labeled as dependable. With any business, those who go the extra mile to make sure their teammates and customers have an outstanding experience become the very heart of a company. Ryan Sullivan brings his excellence, determination, and respect to work every day. To work with him in any capacity is to know you have someone you can rely on and to have him take care of your roof is to know your property is in the best hands.

Ryan is regularly mentioned in our online reviews and most of it is so good, it sounds scripted. A recent BBB remark sums this up best – “Ryan with Roofing Annex was the on site manager. Ryan was totally dependable, proactive, a top notch communicator and through his leadership the outcome was way above expectation. Roofing Annex earns my highest commendation. I know customer service when I see it and Ryan and his team not only wrote the book on it but gave a perfect clinic on how to do a top quality job and exceed customer expectations.”

Visit the Better Business Bureau to read more reviews left by happy clients.

James Brown might have been the hardest working man in show business but Ryan is undoubtedly the hardest working man in the roofing biz. Here are some of his virtues that make him Cincinnati’s best roofing production manager.

  • Always delivers the goods – If by some miracle he doesn’t get the job done right the first time he’ll move heaven and earth to make it right.
  • Mild mannered – Imagine a non-dweeby Clark Kent and you have Ryan.
  • Consistent – Nobody gives an A performance all the time but Mr. Sullivan makes you think some do.
  • Good-natured – Even when all hell breaks loose this mild mannered guy stays true to himself and the cause by staying kind and focused.
  • And so much more – To rattle on would end in “he can walk on water”. He’s just that guy.


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