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Press Release: Cincinnati, Ohio – March 25, 2016

Affordable Slate Roofing for Cincinnati Homeowners

Restoration specialist, Roofing Annex, a West Chester headquartered roofing company, expands its offerings with affordable slate roofing, TruSlate™. “Slate roofs have long been a sign of wealth and prestige middle class America couldn’t touch” says co-owner, Joey Michels. “The GAF Corporation did something that only someone with their size and clout could – they made the cost come down by being clever than the other guys. Their tech changed everything.”

With interest in offing this product, Roofing Annex set out to be certified by GAF as an installer of this more exotic roofing product. On March 22st the certificate was signed and the push to market the product began instantly.

It surprises most homeowners that this affordable roofing product is made from genuine quarried slate. The savings come occur because the final product is not as thick and heavy as standard slate tiles. Lower freight and material costs brings savings. It’s important to note durability doesn’t suffer because the hidden face is coated with a high-tech waterproofing material.  Plastic imitations tend to cost the same or slightly more than TruSlate! Installation may cost slightly more with TruSlate but Mr. Michels says “most homeowners tend to expect to pay more for the installation side because it simply takes a little longer than an asphalt roof.” TruSlate is actually far less labor intensive than traditional slate because it’s easier to cut and apply due to its weight and unique hanging system.

TruSlate is applied quite differently than nailed on shingles. Like all roofs, a leak barrier and deck protector is applied first. Ridge vent goes on next to maintain the breathing of the roof. The most meticulous work is the cutting and/or trimming of the slates. They are large but cut quite cleanly. Battens and Hangers are then installed with the greatest precision possible. Before the field slates can be attached, a UV and moisture barrier is inserted.

Color choices are limited to 3, in part to keep lower bulk pricing of this real S1-grade hand-split slate. There was a fourth option when TruSlate first launched but removing the least popular one made a significant price difference. The following colors already had the highest demand from North America’s top quarries:


TruSlate Onyx - Cincinnati Roofing
Onyx Black

Expertly quarried in Canada at one of the world’s most exclusive and renowned black slate quarries, Onyx Black is a clear, unfading* dark-black slate with a slight luster and natural grain. It adds dramatic contrast to virtually any home for a truly under-stated elegance.

TruSlate Charcoal - Real Slate Cincinnati Roofing

The predominant light and dark grey tones of Charcoal make it one of the most desired natural slate colors. Charcoal is perfect for properties where a traditional slate roof look is desired. It also works as an excellent base color for blending in other slate colors.

TruSlate Autum Dusk - Cincinnati Slate Roofing
Autumn Dusk

With its natural variety of greys, greens, tans, and buffs, Autumn Dusk is probably one of the most versatile slate colors available. Autumn Dusk can be used by itself or mixed in with other slate colors for a warm, rustic look on virtually any property.


Finally, one of the most important factors of this product is the warranty. The TruSlate Ultimate Pledge™ Ltd. Warranty is the strongest and safest slate roofing warranty around! The manufacturer defect coverage lasts 50 years and covers the entire roofing system plus the cost of labor. The coverage on workmanship is 20 years. This is double the time limit a standard roofing company warranty lasts on their workmanship. In most cases, problems stemming from poor installation come to light within the first few years after installation.

Each roof is inspected by GAF after installation to be sure it meets their guidelines! “You won’t find this type of double checked work or a transferable lifetime warranty with any other real slate product” says Mr. Michels.


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