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Flat roofing is obviously cost effective and resists the elements better than asphalt shingles in most circumstances. The number one issue with any flat roof type (EPDM, TPO, Built-up, Modified bitumen, etc.) is always drainage and the damage that can occur with a roof water ponding. Once it has occurred and hasn’t been addressed it will happen again and again. It’s in this repeat that the roof will begin to suffer. The water weight itself will begin to warp most substrates and/or let water begin to leak in.

Commercial roofing companies offer inspections and maintenance programs that can help property owners and managers avoid ponding diagnose any effects ponding has had on the roofing system.

Effects of Commercial Roof Water Ponding:

Commercial roof water ponding example from Cincinnati

Older flat roofs collect dirt, dust, and debris carried by high winds. Couple that with any broken down particles or trash left on a roof and you have food for pond clogging muck. Heavy rains can push this into drains and clog them. Roof ponds often have heavy dirt deposits.

columbus commercial roof issues

Rusting and decomposing roofing elements adds to the debris that clogs drains. Many of these particles can be corrosive to various flat roofing types. It is also clear in this image that some flat roofs need plenty of patching over time.

Cincinnati commercial flat roof maintenance

Water ponding can also happen on smaller areas like raised ridges/edges. Any depression can become a problem given time and enough rain. Flat roofs in Ohio see plenty of rain, snow, and shine along with abrupt temperature change. These factors aid in water ponding.

Regions like the Midwest that see plenty of snow, rain, and hail will of have more ponding issues. Roofing Annex’s flat roofing clients in the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton areas typically have ponding as one of their more noteable problems.

Roofing Annex recognizes that no one person, property managers or roofers, can do enough to keep a flat roof looked after and secured. A team approach will always be the best solution. Only by partnering with your roofing company will a property owner/manager reap the ROI that comes with a maintenance program. These programs are a cost effective way to:

  • Receive Annual or Biannual Professional Inspections from Certified Technicians
  • Monitor Your Roof Via Exams After Recent Severe Storms
  • Provide Engineering Adjustments/Repairs/Preventative Maintenance
  • Receive Emergency Services
  • Keep a Running History of a Roof in Photos and Documentation

A commercial roofing company will recognize signs of flat roof ponding and help preserve your insulation, layers, and finish coat of your roof. When water pools on a roof it can compress insulation, leading to a low spot, which leads to more roof ponding. Hence the repeat, adds more and more water weight. Thus, having a professional exam will:

  • Increase Roof Life
  • Improve Roof Drainage
  • Identify Potential Leaks
  • Identify Structural Issues
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Save Money Over Time

Monitoring devices are used by many roofing companies to save on hiring larger crews to perform maintenance inspections. These devices keep an eye on ponding by sensing water loads and wirelessly sends alarm triggers for service help. Roofing Annex can provide this service but experience has taught us that these devices can fail and using them instead of expert human eyes will neglect other issues.

Live professional inspections will find evidence of water ponding that electronic sensors can’t! This leads to engineering solutions being employed in a preventative manner. This includes:

  • Building up Insulation to Eliminate Low Spots
  • Adding Layers to Built-up Roofing
  • Providing Waterproof Coatings

Long-term strategies are cut short by emergency problems such as a leak or blunt force damage, Roofing Annex’s emergency response team can get to your roof quickly, eliminate the flat roof ponding problem, and stop the leak fast.

Do you believe your commercial roof water ponding to be an issue?

Contact the professionals at Roofing Annex, Cincinnati’s commercial roofing experts. We offer customized maintenance programs, re-roofing, single-off repair calls, and insurance claim assistance via our clout with insurers and our inspectors being certified by HAAG Engineering. We also handle metal, asphalt and other steep slope roofing for both residential and commercial roofs such as multi-family units. Our zone of coverage extends from Cincinnati to Dayton to Columbus areas.

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