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2016 will be the year of the home exterior. Standing out in a cookie cutter world will help you sell your home quicker and at the higher end of the neighborhood value average. HOAs and being neighbor friendly can bridle your curb appeal but most will be happy with our 7 upgrades to bolster your sale power.

First, consider a few statistics:

  • Buyers will make an opinion on a home’s curb appeal within the first 10 seconds of viewing.
  • Only the size of a home impacts price more than the exterior design/configuration and condition.
  • 75% of home buyers point to a home’s exterior as being extremely important according to a study by The Harris Poll

The roofing industry obviously works hand in hand with real estate sales due to home repairs for the pre-sale and with inspections during sales. Roofers know firsthand that buyers are looking for a home in good repair and see the increase in the desire for homes that stand out from the crowd. Unique design elements, “green” materials, and rich, natural materials are just part of what’s trending.

The Top 7 Home Selling Insights for 2016:

  1. Artistic Details are a Must – Many of the details people are growing fonder of adding are columns of wood (intricately carved or raw lumber) to a porch or entry façade to stunning metal works. This also includes details like open gable porticos with gable bracket accents, cedar shingle siding, whimsical handmade metalwork sculptures, unique copper roofing elements, and intricate roofing like steam bent cedar which also wow eyeballs. Artistic details can run a gamut in price as some items are small while others cover a home. Just three nice umbrellas can boost curb appeal and cost under $600 dollars!
  2. Universal Design Upgrades Are Here to Stay – Since the 1990s the focus on zero threshold entrance walkways (few to no steps) and solid pathways have been popular. This has been the norm in most designs for decades and the popularity is growing with wider paths and subtle ramps/grades. It’s a BIG deal for the elderly and those who have elderly visitors. Single side railing for entry walkways is also popping up more. It all adds to a more modern design. Making the transition isn’t as expensive as you may think. Universal design elements are fairly simple additions to what is already in place.
  3. Windows Count – Adding a luxurious touch to a home is as easy as upgrading tired old windows. What kinds of windows are people looking for? Bigger ones to let in the light. The trick here is often to upgrade the windows you have by putting in small windows above them to add architectural style. For a couple thousand dollars your home’s style can both increase the property value and boost the curb appeal.
  4. Low Maintenance Exterior – People like their free time in a busy world. That means yards, siding, and roofing need to be hands off. Landscaping choices in trees, shrubs, lawns, pathways, and such need to be about easy care. Automated watering, slow growth plants, smaller lawns and fake lawns are a big deal plus bring a big bang to curb appeal for a friendly price. Things like long lasting cement fiber siding and roofs with faux tiles/shingles cut down maintenance and look great. Fiberglass doors and windows are also more durable than their vinyl counterparts and take less care.
  5. Sustainable Elements – Environmental concerns are growing and so is the demand for homes that reflect this. Sustainable materials are a growing exterior design trend that are spiking in 2016 because they’ve become more expected and they add value to the buyers who would want to make the change/upgrade themselves. Windows, roofing, gutters and siding made from sustainable composites/polymers or recycled materials are in. Insulation is another big part of this as is solar panels. Solar panels however can be a make or break. An array in a poor location can kill curb appeal. Forget flower gardens, vegetable gardens are in and being able to see them from the front is actually a big deal. Even though a garden works against the “Low maintenance” idea for some, gardening or the thought of it is the “me time” many seek. Sellers need to consider putting in no less than 3 beds with irrigation. To make it easy and inexpensive we recommend planting a single repeat crop in each bed. Try asparagus, strawberries, cucumbers, and potatoes. Leafy greens and herbs are always a great idea too.
  6. Pop Accents – This sounds ancient and overdone but it is still a great tactic. Pop color umbrellas, shutters, and doors can really make for a fun offset to the natural tones of most homes. Choosing a color to add to your home is the key. Consulting a color trend forecasting website is always a great idea! We suggest looking at both fashion and paint manufactures for a couple “in” colors. The golden rule here is that you are looking at just a single color for your yard furniture cushions, umbrellas, pots, etc. The only break that seems to work is having a complimentary front door color that is unique should you wish to try that.
  7. Large Foyers – Homeowners still want grandiose even if the home isn’t huge. Rather than double sidelights and a door, buys in 2016 will prefer the drama of double doors made of Mahogany or the more exotic African varieties such as Khaya and Sapele.



We hope that these home selling insights are of value to you. Should you wish to talk to us about any help getting your home ready for sale, please reach out to us at 513.685.9092

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