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On February 19, 2016 the greater Cincinnati area was hit with yet another powerful wind storm. Parts of Butler County and on south into Kentucky saw some 9,000 homes lose power. Without leaves there were few trees fallen but plenty of debris was tossed around. As a roofing contractor, Roofing Annex has heard and seen the worst of the damage on roofs. Calls have been pouring in and our teams are seeing first hand just how bad a winter wind storm can be.

Take a look below at a few shots of the damage we’re seeing in Mason, Liberty Township and near our home base in West Chester. Missing, torn, and all together jacked-up shingle strips are found on just about every block in these three towns. Granted this is a gusty zone anyhow but this storm had an ally in the destruction…

February Wind Storm Damage to Shingles

Why Did the February Wind Storm Damage so Many Roofs?

Freezing temperatures don’t bode well for older roofs. For three tab shingles an “old” roof means over 10 years since it was installed and over 15 years for dimensional shingles. The loose nature of the shingles decline at that time and cold temperatures can make them far more brittle. Add in strong gusts of wind (55+ mph) and the results are evident. The freezing temps the night and week before were enough to create a real problem in the give of the asphalt.

Often times the issue starts with a poor product or installation but for the most part wind damage is purely Mother Nature doing her worst.

What Do I Do About the February Wind Storm Damage to My Roof?

Most homeowners can see the damage and know to call a roofer for help while others may be left in the dark until it’s too late. Many roofers will recommend saving money and replacing the affected shingles. Others will one-up that and recommend a complete system check and “nail-down”. The correct course of action is to look for a roofer that will offer those services and more.

What sorts of services are really needed in this instance?

Storm damage is a tricky thing because every roof is different. The following factors change the circumstances:

  • Roofing System Age
  • Shingle Product
  • Ventilation
  • Substrate
  • Drainage
  • Installation Practices
  • Direction of Faces
  • Surrounding Trees and Homes
  • Severity of the Storm

Most roofers look at the obvious damage and create an action plan. At Roofing Annex we send out our professional restoration experts to perform a roof inspection. These technicians are trained and certified in storm damage forensics by Haag Engineering. This allows for a full roofing system analysis and documentation to occur at a much deeper level. Our action plan will always be more precise.

Much of the February wind storm damage we’re seeing in Mason, Liberty Township, and West Chester has warranted full roof replacements. Don’t let this scare you!

A roof replacement due to severe wind or hail damage is usually a good prognosis! Why? Insurance companies usually take the full or brunt of the bill! Roofing Annex has a proud history of aiding in getting the maximum dollars needed and our reputation with insurance companies is a sound one. Learn more about our storm damage services here.

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