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Dealing with insurance claims in West Chester Ohio starts with photographing storm damage.

A roof inspection after a strong hail and wind storm can yield startling results like this one roof in West Chester, Ohio, after the August 3rd, 2015 storm. Each circle is a strong and fresh hail strike.

Mason, Ohio home owner looking at their storm damage before dealing with insurance claims.

A consultation and review of damage photos will help homeowners understand their situation. Most homeowners are surprised at the level of damage and the recommendation to file a claim if they’ve not seen leaks yet.

In West Chester, Ohio, we are known by insurance adjusters for doing a great job!

Meeting with insurance company reps and expediting a claim is just part of what a good roofing company will do to help with an insurance claim.


Nobody likes dealing with insurance companies but sometimes it’s a MUST!

Whether you’ve suffered from a car collision, had fire at home, or felt the sting of hail damage, knowing how to properly work with an insurance company is important to receive a fair settlement. Insurers are not out to throw money at you and will work hard to minimize pay-outs. Insurance adjusters want to settle your claim fast and even hastily at times.

Before you begin the process of opening a claim, which may play out on their terms, it’s wise to review your coverage so you know the limits of your policy and what you’re responsible for on your end.

When it comes to dealing with insurance claims due to storm damaged roofs, Roofing Annex always advises getting guidance before opening a claim. Why? A plan of attack is better than none at all… which typically leads to being misguided and a lack of funds that are likely covered under your policy.

The following tips for dealing with insurance companies and claims can make all the difference!


First Thing’s First – Seek Guidance

Many homeowners are not able to successfully negotiate with their insurance provider to receive proper settlement dollars. Some folks end up hiring an attorney or contacting their state’s insurance commission for assistance. This adds more time and money expenditure to the process but it may be necessary in cases where the losses are significant or the damages are long-lasting (such as a roof being left tattered from hail and wind), yet the insurer refuses to help.

Bypass the headaches of going it alone or having to get outside help after the fact by getting a pro on your side from the get-go. Roofing Annex has a storm damage division of trained specialists who can inspect, document, and effectively advocate your claim while guiding you through the steps for a quicker and more equitable result.

Again, don’t delay!

When your property is damaged, move fast. Contact a company like Roofing Annex for an inspection report to kick off the claims process. This is particularly important if there’s a storm in your neighborhood, because the insurer may be flooded with claims.

Insurer Recommended Contractors are NOT a Must

The insurance adjuster may recommend a particular contractor for repairs. You don’t have to say yes. There are often advantages to going with a recommended contractor, such as an insurance discount. However, some contractors may be too eager to agree with the insurer about how minor your repairs are, in hopes of further insurance business. The contractor the adjuster recommends may not be the best qualified one, so feel free to use the best restoration specialist around that offer storm damage service.

Documenting the Damage

After a home suffers from a storm, the homeowner should document all of the issues that have arisen. Showing what happened to prove fault and that the losses claimed are legitimate is key. At Roofing Annex, we train our restoration specialist internally and have them receive training and certification in storm damage forensics and documentation from HAAG. Our exams and photographic reports are the backbone for a claim.

Sometimes it’s Not That Bad

Just because your neighbor got demolished doesn’t mean your roof is a goner. Don’t fight to get small amounts of damage repaired. Try to be realistic… If your old roof had ancient Three Tab shingles, the insurers won’t give you much for the damage.

Get Any Needed Quick Fixes!

Once the damages are documented, make temporary repairs; for example covering holes in your roof with a tarp. For example, if there’s a hole in the roof, the insurer may pay for any initial damage that occurred inside your house. Later damage that occurred because you didn’t cover the hole won’t be insured. Roofing Annex can make emergency repairs to minimize further damage.

Knowing the Damage Value

In order to secure a proper settlement from an insurer, it is important to determine the value of the loss. This is typically a complicated process that requires intervention. Understanding insurance policies and knowing how to work with field adjusters isn’t a typical service provided by a roofer and many don’t want to bother with it. A pro will be able to educate an insurance adjuster, not the other way around.

Never Settle For Less

Insurance companies tend to make low offers on claims. While many homeowners will accept the offer without question, this is a serious mistake. Offers should always be questioned and adjusters/insurance company reps need to explain how the number was determined. Once the homeowner hears the reasoning, they should respond with proving their case through their documentation and policy provisions.

This is no easy task for novices to take on alone. Hence, Roofing Annex handles field adjuster meetings, documentation/reports, and advocating claims that we find valid.

Again, the adjuster is working for the insurer’s interests, not yours. If the adjuster denies a claim that should be covered, don’t assume they know their lengthy policy in depth – show them where the policy covers your specific damage. Always challenge low offers because they will often come back with a higher offer.

Don’t Go It Alone!

Call the storm damage experts at Roofing Annex today for a Free Inspection, insurance claim guidance & advocacy, the finest products, the best installations/repairs, and access to exclusive lifetime warranties.

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