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Knowing your shingle could mean owning a new roof.

Shingle manufacturers are always developing new lines of shingles due to the competitiveness of the market. Color trends and styling aside, there are changes that can make or break the shingle…. Literally!

Researching your shingle could not only save your roof from an untimely demise, it could save your wallet from a HUGE financial burden.

Your Shingle May Be Discontinued!

Class-action lawsuits are happening all the time that deal with things you may very well own. Automakers are better than most at spreading the word on recalls but roofing manufacturers, like most, do a poor job of notifying folks. When a shingle model fails to live as long or perform as well as guaranteed, they are subject to replacement by the manufacturer via these lawsuits that typically have little time to join in on. The same poor notification of these suits takes place by the law firms and homeowners are left with the problem.

Of course the manufacturers didn’t mean to make them fail… Good intentions created lines of “green” paper based substrate shingles that last about 15 years out of their 30+ guaranteed. These bad shingles often have organic substitutes which break down rapidly in real weather conditions as seen in places like Cincinnati and Chicago.

Here are just a few of these lawsuits against faulty shingles that have come and perhaps gone:

It may be difficult for some folks to determine what shingle they have and check up on its status. Be sure to ask your roof inspector for some help with this during your next roof exam. We suggest scheduling an annual free exam in Spring or Fall for those living in the Midwest (Cincinnati, Chicago, etc.). The goal here is to be in the know with the product on your roof. Contact the professionals at Roofing Annex today to schedule a free inspection!

Miss the deadline? Don’t worry just yet!

Mother Nature may have helped you out! Insurance companies typically have a provision in their policies that roof repairs are made with “like kind and quality”. This means that if there is not a shingle like yours to replace the damaged shingles, your whole roof will need replacing. This gives you a shot at spending next to nothing on this bad situation

Don’t Go to Your Insurer Alone to Deal with Faulty Shingles!

Get representation because insurers often play hardball on these types of claims, homeowners need to find  roofing contractors that provide insurance claim advocacy. Most claims get denied without a clean exam documenting damage.