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It may seem counter intuitive to read a blog about roofing contract cancellation on a roofer’s website but Roofing Annex believes in looking out for consumers via solid information. This post will review potential reasons to cancel a contract with a hired roofer and how to proceed in doing so.

A home is more than property; it’s a sanctuary that tells a family’s life story. No homeowner should have to compromise when it comes protecting their treasures and investment. For those who feel uneasy with their current contractor, below are a few warning signs that if they would occur should be immediately addressed with your contractor.

Poor Communication

Good communication is essential for roofing projects of any size size.  Proper communication channels should be set from first contact with a roofer. Homeowners should be able to ask questions or gain clarity at any time. Most projects are handled with a lead/salesman while the project manager enters as point man when the physical work commences. There needs to be a clear line to both and clean transition from one to the other. If you feel that your needs or input aren’t being heard at all or disregarded then it’s time for change.

Numerous Delays

Dealing with multiple delays makes for a poor experience.  When company representatives continuously arrive late or the time-frame is not being met, it may be time for a change.  However, there can be legitimate reasons outside a roofing company’s control; such as sub-contractors, the weather, and holidays that deter a roofing contractor’s timeline.  Contractors should notify the customers with those changes.  If time drags on and no new time-frame is set a project may go into limbo. If you’re in limbo waiting for months (during good weather) and nothing is happening the customer needs to address immediately with the roofing company and find resolution.

Suspicious Work Add-ons

It’s not uncommon to hire a contractor that starts off inexpensive, but then suddenly starts finding various issues that need repair.  If what they’re saying or showing doesn’t make sense, it’s best to consult another professional.  A solid roofing contractor will have expert inspectors and accurate estimates detailing every part of the project.  More than one surprise issue is cause for concern.

Shortcomings Discovered

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for a roofing contract cancellation to take place because a homeowner became leery with their roofer when researching them after contracting. A shady roofer may move fast with a pushy first meeting to a quick turnaround on the work. Things can be missed that make a BIG difference. If any of the following issues come to light they need to be addressed immediately.

  • The contractor isn’t licensed with the state. Some states don’t require contractors to be licensed but the business will still be registered.
  • The contractor isn’t insured.
  • It’s discovered that they are not at all local. Some fly-by-night roofing contractors may come from various states to take advantage of a destructive weather event. They often don’t complete the job, take the money, and run!
  • The contractor can’t provide the same product(s) outlined from the verbal agreement.


Roofing Contract CancellationHire the wrong contractor or think you hired a fraud?
Learn how to distinguish between a professional and a fraud.

How to Handle the Actual Roofing Contract Cancellation

At the time the contract is signed, the salesperson must orally explain your right to cancel the contract and must give you a fully completed receipt or a copy of the contract that states the date of the sale, the contractor’s name, and their address. The document should state, in 10 point bold type, that it can be canceled before midnight on the third business day after the transaction took place. This information should be located near the place where you sign your name or on the front page of the receipt if no contract was used. Two copies of a Notice of Cancellation should be provided to you. The notice must also include a full explanation of your right to cancel and what you must do to cancel.

But how do I cancel a roofing contract?

You must first review the contract to confirm that the three-day cancellation period has not passed. Do not include Sundays or national holidays when counting the three days from the date of your signature.

To cancel the contract, sign and date both copies of the Notice of Cancellation, then deliver one copy to the merchant by midnight of the third business day. Keep the second copy for your records. Since you may need to prove that the cancellation notice was sent on time, you should use certified mail (return receipt requested) so that you will have the receipt as proof. If the notice is hand-delivered, be sure to get a signed and dated receipt. You are not required to state a reason for canceling the contract.

Instead of using the Notice of Cancellation form, you also have the option of canceling the contract by sending a letter or telegram to the company within three days. Again, keep a record of when and where you mailed or delivered the notice letter. If the merchant failed to provide a Notice of Cancellation form, you may cancel at any time; however, once you receive the Notice form from the merchant, you only have three business days in which to cancel.

Please note: Customers have the right to cancel the contract if the cancellation period has not expired.  The merchant is not entitled to any compensation even if the merchant has provided goods or begun the agreed-upon work. If you are looking into a roofing contract cancellation it may be wise to line up another company to help answer your questions along the way.


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