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Property Maintenance

A Message to Property Managers

For property managers and building owners of office parks, condo buildings, apartments, factories, or government and educational facilities, the Roofing Annex is the one-stop source for your partner in property maintenance.

Roof Maintenance Program includes:

  • Free estimates
  • Bi-annual visual survey inspections (with inspection report & photos)
  • Moisture survey inspections (with inspection report & photos)
  • Regular cleaning of roof surface (especially at drains)
  • Examining surface membrane (checking for bald spots)
  • Checking for unadhered seams and tears in membrane
  • Examining ponding areas closely
  • Checking metal flashing and caulking at equipment penetrations
  • Renovation of existing roof system to maintenance status
  • Response within 24 hours for leak repairs; 48 hours for other emergencies
  • Roof repairs

Why Choose the Roofing Annex

With the care and critical eye needed for your property, we can provide full maintenance contracts, one-off repairs, and new or repair roofing services.

Our suggested course of action to any property manager or building owner is to allow us to complete repairs—to the roof or any aspect of the facility—at the time of damage. Staying ahead of deterioration will ensure the longest lifespan of many building components, especially your roof, as it is too costly of an investment to leave to chance. You will benefit from our passion for fine craftsmanship and aesthetics by furthering your investment, impressing potential tenants, and certainly maintaining and pleasing your current tenant occupancy. You will also be pleased in knowing that you are helping the environment by effectively maintaining your building to achieve sustainability.

Sustainability is accomplished through proper roof maintenance which avoids the disposal of a poorly functioning roof into the landfill. Being proactive with the maintenance of your roof is paramount in lengthening its life span and sustaining proper performance throughout your roof’s life cycle.

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