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When your area experiences a storm or severe weather conditions, you may need to replace your roof and file an insurance claim.

Unlike other parts of your home, your roof can sustain damage that will only be apparent in a few years’ time when it starts to leak. Once this happens, it will be too late to file a claim, and installing a new roof from your own budget. Because roof damage can be slight when it first occurs, it’s important to contact a professional, certified roofing inspector to inspect your home’s roof and see whether damage has occurred.

It’s likely when your roof is damaged to the point that it needs replacement, you’ll want to get a new roof as quickly as possible — but that doesn’t mean you should cut corners to speed things along.

Step 1

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy documents to make sure you’re covered for the damage to your roof. You might not be able to make a claim if your roof was in a shabby state of repair before the damage occurred. Neglecting your property can invalidate your home insurance.

Step 2

Take pictures of the damage to your roof – and of any interior damage resulting from the damaged roof. Further, if a hail or snow storm caused the damage, note the date of the storm and perform an Internet search to find articles noting that a storm occurred on that particular date.

Step 3

Contact your agent as soon as possible to find out how to make a claim. Your policy may require you to notify your coverage provider within a certain time frame. If you have questions regarding your claim, ask your agent. Find out your insurer’s procedures for making temporary repairs and replacing your roof.

Step 4

Set up a free 17-point inspection with a certified roofing inspector. After the inspection, you should be provided with a written estimate on the cost of replacing your roof.

Note: If you have to make temporary repairs to your roof to continue living in your home, save the invoices or receipts for the repairs. If you cannot continue living in your home due to your roof damage, save the receipts for all costs you incur including living expenses if you have to stay in a hotel until the roof is replaced.

Step 5

Make a claim with your insurer. Follow your agent’s instructions and any procedure outlined in your policy. Use the claim form your insurer provides. Make sure you include all the details and evidence your provider needs.

We know that filing a claim can be confusing, but your Roofing Annex representative can help you through the entire insurance claim process.

Step 6

Arrange for an insurance adjuster to visit your home to assess the damage. If possible, have a contractor on hand to speak with the adjuster. Show the adjuster the pictures you have of the storm or incident that caused the damage. The adjuster will most likely take additional pictures. The adjuster may give you a settlement quote before he leaves, or it could take a few weeks for your insurer’s quote.

Step 7

Replace your roof once your claim is approved. If your claim is denied, or you feel the quote is too low, follow your insurer’s appeals procedure.

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