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Linwood Drive, Wooster, OH
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Linwood Drive, Wooster, OH
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Linwood Drive, Wooster, OH
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Roofing Annex is the Ohio Cedar Roofing Company of Choice

From residential cedar shingles and steam bent cedar shakes to large scale commercial cedar shakes, our roofers repair, preserve, and build works of art. There may not be a lot of cedar roofs in Ohio, but we take care of those in pockets of Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and beyond. Townships like Indian Hill, Ohio have a great deal of cedar shake roofs and few contractors to turn to that even have a clue how to handle a roofing systems such made from hand-split western red cedar shakes. Make us your Ohio Cedar Roofing Expert® by calling us today to schedule a free roof exam and consultation

Serving a Niche

Roofing Annex® formed a division, Shake Guys®, to provide in-depth expertise with cedar roofing due to its differences in installation, peculiarities with repairs, maintenance hassles, and preservation know-how. Shake Guys, like Roofing Annex, serves both Ohio and Illinois from its two offices. Both locations are staffed with Cedar Roofing Experts®, Haag trained & Certified Storm Damage Inspectors, Restoration Specialists, and Project Managers who know how to pull off outstanding builds. Shake Guys understands its products and installation techniques beyond compare.

Cedar Roofing Products

New Cedar Roofing in Dayton Ohio

New Cedar Shakes on a Home in the Dayton Area. Flush butted medium shakes.

In the case that you talk to another Ohio Cedar Roofing Contractor you’ll want to be sure that their products of choice are top quality. Cedar roofs can last 40+ years with the right maintenance and preservation techniques but they won’t see 10 years if the wrong cuts nails, and installation practices are used.

Shake Guys uses the highest grades of cedar cut from the heartwood of Western Red Cedar from Vancouver, Canada. For those looking for the best and are willing to pay for it we offer Premium 100% Edge Grain cedar. For those who want the best value product we offer a rare top tier, hand selected, #1 Grade 90% Edge Grain cedar shakes and shingles. This rare selection of grain produces shakes that a stronger, preserve better, cup less, curl less, withstand hail strikes better, and remain looking the their best longer. Most roofing companies in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas will try to use what comes easy and/or cheaper, #1 Grade 70-90% Edge Grain or #2 Grade which is really meant for siding.

Staggered cedar shake Columbus Ohio

Newly finished cedar shake roof in Columbus, Ohio. This staggered butt configuration is used to give a rustic feel.

Shake Guys looks at the entire roofing system to make sure that a roof can breathe the way cedar needs to. All aspects of the roof need to jive; flashings, ridge caps, and the rest need to be installed in a fashion that is unique to cedar roofs! Because wood can hold moisture for some time the fasteners can fail if they’re not made of the right coated metal – a fact that a non-cedar specialist will often miss. That’s why we use top grade fasteners/nails that come with a lifetime warranty!

steam bent cedar roof in Cincinnati

This is an example of our niche within a niche, Steam Bent Cedar. This whimsical design adorns the Cincinnati home featured in the slideshow at the top of the page.

April 8th & 9th, 2015 Hail & Wind Storm Update

Winds from 48 to 70 mph swept through Ohio from Kentucky to Columbus causing widespread damage. Isolated pockets of hail measuring 1 to 2+ inches wide hit in places like Indian Hill, Madeira, Cincinnati, Delhi, Springboro, and more. Older cedar roofs in the region are showing signs of roofing system failure due to the severity of the wind driven hail impacts and wind torn ridge caps.

fresh hail damage in Cincinnati, Ohio Cedar Roofing

This is a 13 year old cedar roof in the Cincinnati area that was compromised by the April 9th storm. 1.5″ hailstones driven by wind gusts in excess of 55 MPH shredded it up. Similar depictions have been seen near Indian Hill and Dayton.


Our Storm Damage Inspectors have been outstandingly efficient is their advocacy of insurance claims from this storm. Our Ohio cedar roofing homeowners are receiving equitable funds to restore their homes, barns and businesses.

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Ohio Cedar Roofing Services

Our Shake Guys division is proud to offer the same great benefits and services as Roofing Annex:

  • Free Roof Exam & Consultation
  • Free Estimates
  • Storm Damage Services
    • Emergency repairs and/or patches if needed
    • In-depth documentation by a Haag Certified Storm Damage Inspector
    • Complimentary insurance claim advocacy
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Restoration Services (Treatments that add to the lifespan of your roof from our Ohio Cedar Roofing Experts)
  • General Exterior Restoration (New doors, windows, siding, metal-works, and gutters)
  • Roof Replacements

Video Selections

See Shakes Guys in Action Installing a New Cedar Roof in Cincinnati

Foofers installing a new cedar roof in Cincinnati Ohio

Hear from a Ohio Cedar Roofing Client

Ohio Cedar Roofing Customer


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