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Scott Sloan: After installation interview with the Roofing Annex

Posted on January 30, 2013

We had the pleasure of replacing Scott Sloan’s roof recently. Here’s the after action report of what we did and what Scott thought of the process. You can find the “before” video & transcript here.

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Video Transcript

Chad: Cut.

Scott: That one was for the boys back at the office.

Chad: Hi. I’m Chad Janis, with the Roofing Annex. We are here today with cott Sloan. Many of you know him from his radio talk show on 700WLW. e replaced Scott’s roof. I just want to talk to Scott and find out ow that experience was.

Scott: Great experience. The guys showed up on time, delivered everything on time. It couldn’t have been any easier. The guys were there, they were on time. I think the most important thing, any questions my wife, my family had, they were more than accommodating. As a matter of fact, even getting the cars out of the garage, they worked around us a couple of times with that which was awesome.

Chad: Good, good.

Scott: They were banging the stuff out. They had the old material off. Everything was cleaned up. I think the most impressive part – and we’ll get to the roof in a second, Chad – is the fact that everything was done on time, just exactly the way you said it was. Plus, the really cool part is I walked around the rest of the house after you guys left.

Chad: Right.

Scott: I couldn’t find a scrap of anything left over. That’s how thorough Roofing Annex is when it comes to taking care of your roof.

Chad: Good, good. I appreciate that. Again, we try to aim to please, and I hope your expectations were met.

Scott: They were exceeded, actually, which is very difficult.

Chad: Difficult for you.

Scott: To exceed my expectations is kind of tough.

Chad: Good.

Scott: Seriously, you guys. I think the most impressive part was the detail. You could kind of hear them talking, and they wanted to make sure everything was just right. Then I think the other thing too, that you notice, you guys could just bolt and leave. Everything was cleaned up real nice. There was nothing left over in the bushes. I’ve been at job sites and seen this stuff done before, and a lot of times, guys will leave pieces of metal and other old shingles lying around.

Chad: That’s the thing, and that’s what I want to get at. Every time we complete a job, we assign a project manager to the job to make sure everything goes well. Basically, what you are telling me is a project manager was assigned, everything was managed well, it looked like they knew what they were doing. They took their time.

Scott: Absolutely.

Chad: Clean up was good and you were satisfied.

Scott: Absolutely. Like I said, there wasn’t a speck of material left when it was over. Everything was carted off. Leftovers were taken away by truck the next day. Honestly, within a few hours, you never knew you were here, other than that beautiful roof I have. That is gorgeous.

Chad: It does look much, much better, I do have to say.

Scott: It sure does. The before-and-after is absolutely amazing.

Chad: I’m happy that you’re happy. Again, we aim to please. Again, you have a Woodland Shingle; it’s a GAF product, it’s a lifetime shingle with a lifetime warranty. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Scott: Thank you.

Chad: If there’s anything we can do for you in the future, or any of your friends and family, by all means let us know. I am more than happy to help you.

Scott: I’m happy to recommend you guys. The Roofing Annex did a great job from start to finish. Obviously, I don’t have to keep this thing clean or wash it, right?

Chad: No, no. All these shingles have zinc and copper in them; the granules. You don’t have to worry about it. You just have to sit there and enjoy it and forget about it.

Scott: The nice part is some of my neighbors roofs are staining. I know you can’t see it, but you’ve seen all those roof stains. You’re telling me this won’t do that, right?

Chad: This will not do this. A lot of the granules have zinc or cooper in them. They actually embed them into the granules and what this does it’s kind of like a self-cleaning approach. Before, you look at your neighbors’ roofs and you see all this streaking and black things that are coming off the roof; that’s algae or fungus. Now they embed the granules with zinc and cooper. Once they do that, every time it rains, it kind of self-cleans itself. Again, you have the 10-year Streak Fighter warranty. A lot of these older roofs have that problem. A new roof like yours, it’s not going to happen.

Scott: It’s gorgeous. You do a double-take and I think it’s real stone up there. It’s the newest, latest GAF product that you guys installed and guaranteed for longer than I’ll be around. Chad, I’m loving it.

Chad: That’s good, and it’s transferrable.

Scott: If we sell the house it’s good to go. That’s going to add to curb appeal. My wife’s a realtor with Sibcy Cline, and she was amazed by this. She’s taking pictures to show her clients. A lot of people in a tight, competitive housing market really want to move their houses; is there anything we can do? If you have some storm damages you guys work with my insurance company to handle this stuff.

Chad: Correct.

Scott: That’s all going to help your resale value because people don’t want to mess with the roof.

Chad: Exactly. A lot of the tract homes and a lot of the properties that they put on these roofs, they put an inexpensive product which is a 3- tab, 25-year shingle. Again, when these roofs do get approved and they do have storm damage, and the insurance companies approve them for replacement, like yours, the funds that the insurance companies are allocating can allow you to go back to a 50-year lifetime shingle. Like you said, it changes the aesthetic of the home. People just don’t believe how much the curb appeal enhances the property. As you know, looking at yours, it looks pretty good. I do have to say.

Scott: It’s an amazing job. I’ll tell you what, if you’re even considering a roof or haven’t had it inspected in the last 6 years, as we talked about earlier, I would highly recommend calling Roofing Annex. Not only were they prompt and courteous, they answered every single question I had no matter how trivial or stupid. You guys were there to answer the question.

Chad: None of that.

Scott: No dumb questions from me?

Chad: Absolutely not.

Chad: Accessible all the time; email, phone, text, and all that. You guys came and did what you said and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Chad: I’m happy to hear that. I think that’s it. I appreciate Scott Sloan for sharing his time with us. Let’s go take a look at this roof.

Scott: Let’s go.

Chad: OK.

Scott: Can’t wait.

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